Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Universe has a way of smacking me

Today was my day to update my medical spending tracking spreadsheet, and our medical mileage spreadsheet.  Halfway into the year and we've spent $17K out of pocket for medical expenses and drive over 3000 miles.

And so it weighs on a person... the end of year it could be double that, which is a LOT  of money.

Just when I was thinking about it all and feeling overwhelmed at the grocery list of supplements that we need to add in to Dominic's regime and how much they'll add to our total... i got this link.

we have it so good comparatively.

Logan is an online friend of mine.  I've known about his daughter Cassie's illness for years, and everytime I read about it, I cringe and heave a sigh of relief that while we have tremendous challenges, we have NOTHING like what Logan is dealing with.

I cannot imagine being the parent of a child in hospice, knowing she was going to die and having to make ends meet with Medicaid being stupid about things.

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