Thursday, May 31, 2012

DAN appt followup

So, the good news first...

Dominic's stool test came back SO GOOD!!! We have finally, finally managed to get the inflammation almost gone. Lysozyme levels have come down from 1040 to 36!!!   No dysbiotic bacteria, either (I had suspected Clostridia), he did test high for Sacc B, so we will stop supplementing with it.   Little low in a pancreatic enzyme, so adding enzymes back in.

And the not so good news.

We are still playing neurotransmitter bingo.  All the excitory NT levels continue to rise, even tho when I asked them last time what we could do to counter it they suggested lots of B's and we've done lots of B's...  So we're going to try a couple of very expensive sup's and see how they do.  There is a direct correlation to the high glutamate and self injurious behaviors (biting himself specifically) that he's been doing more of.  We're going to add TheaNAQ and CalmPRT

They'd also like to see us add a months worth of Colostrum (his SIGA levels were a smidge under normal), and Protandim to raise glutathione.  Neither of those could I justify buying this month, so they will just have to wait awhile

They'd really prefer we stop the Bentonite clay, and frankly we've been tapering down, and they'd like us to stop colloidal silver entirely.  I love what the unique healing protocol has done, BUT, here we are a year later and the neurotransmitter levels are still rising - which she promised would not be the case.  SO I am at a point right now where I don't have any scheduled appointments with her, but I do have quite a bit of Bowel Strength left in the cubbard. I will likely taper off the silver this week, and then try to get the bentonite down to what he muscle tested for (2 caps a day - currently he's on 20, he has been as high as 60). I have enough Bowel Strength on hand to stay at the current dose for another 6 months, but I expect to taper that down too now that we've seen such improvement in his gut inflammation.  So what I have will last even longer.   We will re-muscle test him in a few weeks to tweak dosages.

Anyway, I came home with my usual post-DAN appointment headache. It baffles me that I can drop all our paperwork off 2 days in advance for them to peruse (by their request), have an 8am appointment scheduled, and still not see the doctor until 8:45.  It really baffles me.  And sitting in a tiny room for 2 hours is just not good for Dominic.

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