Saturday, July 28, 2012

We have Pretend Play!

So, preregression, one of the things that Dominic did a lot of was care for his toys... you know, wrap them in blankets hug them and kiss them, and feed them, wrap strings around their necks and take them for walks,  etc.  That all went away with the regression.

We've been seeing glimmers of it, but today, after a fabulous chiropractic appointment, he came home and got out his old bedraggled red beanie baby dog.   He put it on his shoulder and then when it was time for lunch, he tried to make it sit.  he said "sit".  It didn't follow instructions. So he said ... "blanket".  I handed him a dish towel.  He laid that dog down, covered it with the blanket , kissed it, and said "sleeping, baby".   He's been carrying it around since, wrapped in the towel. It came outside and sat beside the pool while he had water play, and its currently watching TV with him.

its been a long time, but its really cool to watch.

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