Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Last Alpine Parent meeting....

We had our very last parent meeting at Alpine yesterday.  We went over the major behavioral stuff – which has only been happening since they came back to the building post-fire evacuation.  (I had them graph number of minutes in non compliance by day for the last 3 months)

They’ve tweaked his behavior plan to basically remove all attention from him (he likes playing to an audience) and I got to see that first hand today when I popped over to give him his MMS.  I don’t see it as being effective in any environment other than  Alpine – he got squirmy and climbed on the desk.  So they had 4 therapists around him, with their backs to him, and were having him fit large foam puzzle pieces together to re earn his tokens.  He could really care less.  But if its what they want to do for the next 2 weeks, that’s fine with me. I’ll take that over the physically wrestling with him.   He sat down nicely when I firmly told him to.  There were no tears or screaming with this method.

Anyway, the meeting went well. We reviewed in detail his current program statuses and talked about the transition to full day D11.  I think it’ll go fine.  They’re going to get me a final copy of his binder and program target data after he’s done and we’ll make a copy of that for his SPED teacher.  They reiterated that they’ll remain available to assist D11 with the transitioning as needed, which is really nice of them. It seems really weird to think of our lives sans Alpine, but money has not rained out of the sky so we just cannot stay.  Whether we try to go back next summer or not remains to be seen.  I think Dominic would have to really have a hard year for us to pick the 13K therapy summer over the 2K camp/social skill building summer, but we’ll see.

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