Wednesday, August 1, 2012

People Like that.

Dominic has ALWAYS had issues getting his haircut, even when his grandmother could do it.  Last winter we realized she just didn’t have the stamina to keep doing his hair, so we’ve been bouncing between various places trying to find someone that both had the patience to deal with wiggly boy and the experience to not leave bald patches.  His issues are sensory in nature – the feeling of the scissors in his hair freaks him out.  And don’t even think about using clippers. They send his sensory processing issues into the stratosphere.

So last week, we got him a haircut. One of Rod’s students (who has been in the education field for many years) had started working at a Supercuts and was willing to give it a shot. We warned her in advance about his sensory issues, and somehow we managed to be the only clients in the place when we got there.

He was wiggly, but overall did MUCH better than he has at the other various places we’ve tried.  We were THRILLED in fact that he let her do a little bit with the clippers. Great progress. There were no tears, no fighting, just a lot of wiggles and needing to have his head held still, etc.  And the haircut turned out super cute.  I called it a success. (and believe me, he’s had haircuts I called failures)

There was another stylist kind of lurking about.  Not friendly at all.  Offered no help whatsoever.

Rod’s student told him last night that said other stylist had made a snide remark after we left about how if she “had a child like that” she’d give them up for adoption.   

A year ago – even 6 months ago -  a comment like that would’ve sent me into either rage or despair.  But when I think about how much better he did this time, and the HUGE step of even allowing a little clipper use, I can’t be bothered by her insensitivity and ignorance.   He is making such progress here.    So we will do our best to insulate him from “people like that”. I think he’s actually close to the point where he would be aware of that kind of thing now and we don’t want that.

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