Friday, September 28, 2012

belated post...

Yes, I know, I’m behind in updating ya’ll.

Its been a very steady couple of weeks. Dominic is holding the gains from the last parasite protocol pretty well, still sitting for meals without being buckled in. Our second parasite protocol (of at least 12) started yesterday, so we’re back into meds and daily enema’s for a week or so before we go back to every other day. So glad he pretty much gives them to himself.

Couple of pretty cool things…. I have some coworkers who are from Sweden. Once a year they fly in to work from here for a week. We had them to dinner last year and then again this week. They noticed huge changes in Dominic. He interacted really well with them. They came bearing gifts and Dominic was really vocal about wanting those gifts opened. Nice awareness to see.

Last night we had our regular babysitter while we went to a gathering at my bosses house (to celebrate the guys being here). She again saw improvement since the last time she was over (its probably been close to a month). Specifically, his focus has improved. When wanting to go swing instead of only wanting to swing for 45 seconds and then move to something else, he swung for 10 minutes. She said that he was really trying hard to string words together in sentences. Still garbled, but the intent was there. Which we’ve been seeing as well.

So, steady improvements. It’s a good thing.

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