Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Excerpt from an Email

... from the school social worker in response to my email from last Thursday asking for an update on how the Functional Behavior Assessment was going.

I apologize for my delayed response to your email last week…I’ve been in triage mode and understood you were communicating with xxx about Dominic via his daily journal.  In response to your question,  I have observed Dominic in the classroom several times but have not observed any problematic behaviors.  Dominic seems to be making a smooth transition and is even attending Specials, which are new for him this year.

Now for the good news!  On Friday, staff collaboratively decided to cease the FBA process on Dominic, due to the fact that Dominic has responded positively to the interventions put in place by SPED staff.  However, staff working with Dominic will continue to stay in close contact and make adjustments where necessary, in order to provide Dominic with every opportunity to be successful and safe at school.

I'd say that balances out him getting the dog so dirty playing in the garden this afternoon that it took 3 shampoos to get him back to the right color...

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