Sunday, September 9, 2012

pinch me

Its been a ridiculously good weekend.

Dominic spent the majority of the day outside. First in the backyard w/Shanti on the leash while I worked in the front flower bed and then in the front yard with me.  For perspective, we have generally not permitted him to play outside in the front even with one of us there because of very poor impulse control / boundary identification.  He did very well today staying without our yard.  Only once did he actually leave our yard at the street and that was because the neighbors called a hello over. He came right back when called.   He spent a lot of time playing with the worms I dug up and was very compliant.

Then at lunch, he sat at the table with us the whole meal without being buckled into his booster seat (he's very nearly too big to buckle in, but we've done so becuase its the easiest way to keep him seated).   Didn't need it today.  At all. And he even said excuse me when he wanted to get up.  Blew me away. 


We had friends come over in the morning to get some bulbs I didn't have room for anymore. It'd been a long time since they saw him last, and he did great - they noticed a definite difference. He also interacted much better with their kiddo (who is a year or so older than him). 

He did the best he has EVER done at the chiropractor.  He let her adjust both his top and bottom palate (we're working on getting them to stretch out in the hopes that we can make some more room in his jaw and avoid the "serial extraction" protocol that the dentist is talking about - she says she's done it before many times).  He also let her adjust his whole back (not just cranium) and didn't run off when she allergy tested him.  Zero allergies for him today, which is a first for the entire time we've been seeing her.

We then went to lunch and he ate his whole meal holding his fork correctly (and using it!! without reminders!!)

And when we were leaving, he did the funniest thing.    For background, he's got this thing where he'll say "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy" and I will either respond with "Dominic, Dominic, Dominic" or "Yes Darling".   So today he said "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy", I said "Dominic, Dominic, Dominic", and then he said - garbled, but recognizable to both Rod and I - "Darling".  We just about died laughing.

The stimmy stuff is still there.  He's doing some light SIB's (nipping his own hand/arm, banging various body parts into walls but not hard), and some weird mouth and head stims.  (moving his jaw one way or the other, fast shaking his head), so we'll see how the week goes now that we're out of the heavy portion of the parasite protocol. 

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