Saturday, October 6, 2012

kind of huge...

Pre regression, Dominic loved to help in the kitchen.  He would, at age 2, drag  a chair over to the stove top and stir the pasta for his macaroni and cheese. (Annies, but still, I know).  We called them his bunnies and he LOVED them.  he lost all focus to help in the kitchen and for the last 5 years has really been mostly annoying and sometimes dangerous in the kitchen.  When I have something that needs to simmer, I do not leave it. Ever.

So, yesterday we caught a really awesome sale on apples and our local market and bought enough to can a bunch of applesauce and apple butter this weekend.  I have a doohickey thingamabob that turns cooked apples (and tomatoes) into de stemmed and peeled sauce with minimal labor.  Guess who spent close to 2 hours in the kitchen helping me (actually helping!) by cranking it and being in charge of getting the skins out of it!!!!

(in fairness, he got  kind of obsessive about it and cried when we were finished and i took it apart. But still... he stayed focused enough to actually be helpful in the kitchen for a relatively long time)

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