Sunday, October 7, 2012

Q and A from School

I have a lovely little notebook that the school para's and I send notes back and forth every day on Dominic.  It appeals to my need to know how his day went as he cannot tell us.  About every 2 weeks I send in detailed questions, which generally  get answered via an email from our SPED teacher.   Here's an excerpt from Friday.  Good stuff.

How is peer interaction going? 
Dominic responds to hi and bye from his peers. He is also very receptive to accepting his classmates help to line up and participate during specials (gym, art, music).  He especially likes a fourth grader who also receives sped. support services. The boys have an outside sensory break together in the mornings. Dominic is still learning to share, as he is does not like to share the toys in his reinforcement bin or work space with peers.

Is he doing better in specials?
Yes, Dominic loves to paint in art and is part of a group of students at a designated table. He does need adult assistance to taking turns with the art materials. In gym Dominic enjoys running, throwing, and hula hoops. In music he actively participates in group activities  with his peers.

My response back was - Hula Hooping?  Really?


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