Saturday, October 27, 2012

parent teacher meeting

We had what turns out will be our last parent teacher meeting with Dominic's SPED teacher that he's had since Kindegarten.  She is retiring early and her last day is next week. We are very sad.   We have not yet met her replacement, but I expect to get the replacements email next week and will be scheduling a face to face meeting with her as soon as our schedules allow.  Right now, there's no telling how it will all play out, BUT, the good thing is that this particular replacement is trained in using the ABBLS program which Dominic is on.  The SPED teacher we thought was going to absorb him (she has grades 3-5 at Audobon) actually is not trained it it. So we'll see how that shakes out.  We're a bit nervous, but hopefully it'll work out well.

We did learn that we missed the budget staff shrinking ax because of the nature of the ABBLS -  it absolutely requires 1 on 1.  As such our SPED was able to get the budget person to convince the principal that Dominic needed that 1 on 1 coverage because the IEP requires he use the ABBLS.  She agreed with us in our feeling that should they ever stop providing the intense 1 on 1 support for Dominic that his progress will drop off.

So, progress since last May when he was last evaluated on the ABBLS

Cooperation and Reinforcer:  from 86% to 92%
Requests:  from 32% to 39%
Labeling:  from 10% to 15%
Intraverbles:  from 0 to 6%
Syntax and Grammar:  from 13% to 15%
Reading:  from 21% to 32%
Math:  from 5% to 7%
Writing:  from 9% to 12%

Slow progress, but he works SO hard for each percentage point...

The 2 hours per day verbals that they track were interesting when compared to this section of time last year.  This year, he's hovering around 400, last year was 150-200.  Whats really cool, tho, is each week now there's a whole page worth of sentences that he's said spontaneously that the para's are actually documenting for us.   some of the more amusing ones from this last week:
"I watched Soup" (we think he meant Ratatouille)
 "I can't see you" (when the para told him it was time to work, he covered his eyes and said it)
"I want coffee" (this is Rod's fault. He gives him tastes)"
"Its a breaks"
"Horse go Running"

The funny personality stuff is showing at school too, in interactions with peers.  She remarked that things they don't keep data on - like eye contact - are much improved.  There's an older woman who occasionally has subbed for his para's, who hadn't seen him yet this year and was in a week or so ago.  she was supervising Dominic at the computer.  Someone walked by and said Bye Dominic, and he stopped, turned his whole body, looked at her and said "Bye".  The lady about fell off her chair.  thats the kind of improvement that isn't quantifiable in the data they take but is huge for Dominic.


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