Friday, October 26, 2012

Another one of those inchstones

It snowed last night.  A whole whopping 1/4" or so.    Dominic was SO excited at breakfast, he kept saying "snowman, snowman".  To which we said "sorry kiddo, there's not enough snow".  I'm working from home today because its school's parent teacher conferences (we have ours later) and he came into the office a while ago and said "outsi, outsi, snowman".  I said no again.   When I wandered into the living room a bit later, he'd opened the closet, dug out last years snow boots and was attempting to put them on.  I caved.  Amazingly they still fit.  

Bundled him up with hat, gloves, and boots. (First time I've seen him manage to get a glove on by himself with all the fingers in the right holes... but that only worked for the first glove. The second he needed help with.  But thats not the small change I'm excited about.)

As background, he's probably got 8 sets of mittens/gloves running around because he tends to lose at least one pretty much every time he goes outside to play and we have to wait for a thaw to go find it.

Midway into his time outside, I checked on him and he was missing his gloves. I figured the usual had occured.

When I called him in after he had played for about an hour, I said "Hey, where're your gloves?".  He looked at me, cocked his head like I was stupid, and pulled BOTH of them out of his pocket.


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