Wednesday, October 24, 2012

*not* scripted, also hilarious

Its supposed to freeze tonight and snow tomorrow.  I just moved the car inside the garage because I have a cold and no desire to scrape ice off windows at 7am tomorrow.

Its a snug fit, and the car butts right up against a 3x3ft or so cardboard box we use to gather recyclables before taking them to the recycle can outside.(which currently is snug against the lawnmower which we had to get back out of the shed this weekend because the weather has been ridiculous and someone told the grass it could grow again)

So I parked the car, closed the garage door to the outside and came in. Dominic slipped by me to the garage, surveyed things, and promptly started tugging the recycle box.  I came inside to blow my nose and the next thing I knew, he said "I GOT IT!" and dumped the recycle box in the kitchen.


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