Sunday, October 21, 2012

Scripted, but hilarious.

Scripting is actiing (or speaking) a role you've observed, in Dominic's case generally from something from the background Disney movies he likes to have on.

Background - Dominic watched Jungle book today.  You know, with Baloo and the bear and various other animals interacting w/each other.

Tonight I gave him his new (size 8, how on earth does this happen?) long sleeved pajama's that coincidentally have  an appliqued bear on them. . He repeatedly said "like it, like it, jammas".

So we went downstairs to brush his teeth and tuck him in and what does he do but grab the stuffed pig (from Lion King. I think it was pumba or timon, i never can keep those straight) from under his covers, put it behind him and have it bite his butt.  He kept the "biting" (which hea told me was eating) up thru tooth brushing and using the toilet, and then put the pig back under the covers at the foot of the bed when i tucked him in.


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