Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Reading" under the covers

So, doing 9 blog posts in a row kind of made me run out of things to talk about. Hence the week off.

Also, its been a busy week.

But, I have something cute to share.

In rearranging the kitchen over the weekend (see above mentioned busyness), I found some of those battery operated votive candles (halloween themed). Dominic immediately was taken with them. Which is fine with me, I’d rather he play with fake candle flame than real. He’s slept with them the last couple of nights. (I’m surprised that they are still working).

Kind of parallel, he’s been more aware of reading material. And picking up his books and saying “reading” . To which we promptly read to him.

Anyway. Last night, he took to bed the DVD insert from the Finding Nemo movie. And his little votive candles. He tucked the votives underneath his teddy bear, and then opened the insert up and dove under the covers looking for all the world like he was going to read by candlelight.

It was adorable.   If he does it again tonight, I'll attempt to take a picture.

In reality, we’re not seeing much of actual word identification at home. Letter identification, sure, but not quite word identification. He’s got 6 words sight mastered at school, but I’m not seeing it generalize.

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