Sunday, December 16, 2012

Santa! Storm Troopers!

Today was the Starlight family Christmas party.  This is the first year we've gone. Crowds are not Dominics (or our) favorite thing, but we wanted to give it a shot since D has been doing So Well.  Starlight is the organization that sponsors our annual summer trip up to the North Pole amusement park.

So, we arrived, and the first thing Dominic did was glue. I had no idea that they made glitter glue.  Go figure.

Then he painted.  This expression is "stop bothering me, I'm busy"

Here he is sharing his marshmallow (yes, they actually had candy that he could eat - albeit laden w/corn syrup, but it was GFCF and we made an exception so he could have some) with Daddy.

This is so cool.  The woman who gave me an awesome massage ever while I was in labor (she was at that point finishing her apprenticeship with my midwife) is a storm trooper in real life. She actually did Dominic's 3 day old exam, if i recall correctly.  Saved my sanity with breastfeeding tips, too.  So here Dominic is hugging her almost 8 years later. 

By the time we got to Santa, he wasn't too sure what to do, tho.  We'd waited in line for a while and he was soooo patient.  Almost immediately after getting off Santa's lap he made a beeline to the bathroom. so all in all, I'm suprised I got this good of a picture.  And he came home with 2 more stuffed animals, which I'm sure are already in his bed.

These things are so nice for Starlight to throw, but at the same time my heart breaks for the kids who are so severely disabled.  We have it so much better than many. 

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