Thursday, December 13, 2012


Let me tell you about Monday

One of Dominics favorite therapists from Alpine years ago pinged me on Facebook to ask if i knew of any good localish pediatric GI docs.  As we talked more, it came out that her 19 month old had candida, leaky gut, and parasites not eating well.  And a doctor who told her it wasn't a medical problem. (no neurological regression yet)

In my head red flags went up EVERYWHERE and an alarm started blaring.  It was like dejavu.

 I was taken back to Dominic preregression - where he had the most horrible yeast rash ever.  I remember spending tons of time trying to figure out how to treat the yeast rash that was so bad it was cracked and bleeding.  And the herbalist muscle tested him positive for parasites..  He ate fine, fortunately for us.  But he was still breastfeeding.  And then he got some shots after his 2nd birthday, weaned around 34 months,  we got a horrible virus, and he regressed ~37 months old.

So - I've gotten her the info I didn't have then, and am hooking her up with the aweome mama warriors who hopefully will help her stop this before she sees a regression. And I'm so glad she reached out, I wish we could plaster these warning signs on top of billboards in every city.  But mainstream medical isn't quite here yet...

My reaction to this whole situation has been really incredible.  I am completely in agreement now with those moms who say we have PTSD from our kids experience. I get it.


For the Record - because at some point I am sure I will need to reference it again, here's (some of)  what I told her

First, go watch this movie. I think its the best one out there on the whole overall protocol. Its really long, so you might have to watch in chunks
  Go read and absorb the information at   Then, change your diet to Gluten, Casien and Soy Free - both you and the baby since you are nursing   Some cookbooks we’ve used over the years:
Special Diets for Special Kids.
The Kid Friendly ADHD Autism Cookbook

Some websites I actually use (there’re a TON out there, just google allergy free cooking)
Real Sustenance
Gluten Free Goddess

Stay on the probiotic. When you run out of the probiotic you’re on, switch to Theralac. Add Aloe Juice (Georges is flavor free) , probably 1oz 2x a day would be sufficient to help w/constipation.   Start helping him drink 1oz plain water from a glass shot glass multiple times per day so he gets used to doing the action with just plain water

Then Start the MMS as per the instructions in the video above and on mmsautism.
If you see die off, and you probably will, you have a couple of options to negate
- Give him some citrus. Citrus negates MMS.
- Give Bentonite clay or charcoal as a mopup. We prefer bentonite

Die off can be in the form of a rash, diarrhea, crankiness, manic giggling, high energy, cold type symptoms… lots of things. You should get through the majority of the die off during the ramp up process.

You will do great. I'm so happy you are doing this before you see neurological regression - I really believe you have a shot at healing him before there's regression/ASD diagnosis. Call / email / facebook me ANYTIME. I've got tons of resources we can pull in, too. What no one said to me when I started - you are absolutely not alone. There's a HUGE community of been there done that moms out there who network and fight and experiement and help each other and we will help you because you are now one of us.


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