Wednesday, December 12, 2012

If I can’t have it, no one can!

Setting: Chiropractor’s office. Dominic’s had his adjustment and been outside to climb the tree while I had mine. We’ve gone to the front to pay and he has noticed the cute little mouse pen topper that is among the Christmas decorations

Dominic: “Mouse, I want Mouse”
Mom: “No, sorry, it has to stay here”
Dominic: “MOUSE!! POCKET!!!” (meaning, put the mouse in my pocket)
Mom: “Not today”
Dominic – reaching for mouse “I want Mouse”
Mom – putting it back “No, the mouse lives here”
Dominic: “MOUSE!! POCKET!!!”
Mom - “no”

As we’re heading out the door…

Dominic – grabs mouse off the pen and puts it in the cubbard, closes the door.

And then he didn’t want to leave.

Every adult in the room was trying really hard to NOT die laughing. It was completely a “if I can’t have it no one can” moment

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