Sunday, December 9, 2012

Huh. Interesting

We had a babysitter come over  last night and went downtown to catch up with some old friends.  When we got back, she reported increased emotional development in the form of a sense of humor she hadn't seen before (plus a ton of chatting).  Apparently he thought it was HILARIOUS to creep up when she was laying on the floor and poke her forehead. Then laugh.   And he had her take pictures of his feet with her phone.

Overnight we had some snow - first measurable of the season.  Dominic insisted on going outside, so I bundled him up and sent him out.  He managed to lose a mitten at some point because he came in TERRIBLY distraught.  I told him it was fine and we'd get it later, but he insisted on going back out (with fresh mittens on) and came back in holding it.  

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