Thursday, December 6, 2012

Where we come from and where we are going

As I mentioned awhile ago, Dominic currently LOVES the movie Cars2. He’s playing with his cars figures again, and really enjoying them. Last night I tucked him (and 12 cars) into bed, did our goodnight routine, and went to hang out with Rod in the next room where we were watching a movie (side note, Jack and Jill with Adam Sandler is laugh until you cry slapsticky hilarious). Maybe 20minutes later, out from under Dominics door… we saw Lightening McQueen poke his front end. Rod laid down and played cars with Dominic passing them back and forth under the door for 10 minutes before we made him get back into bed. It is so amazing to me to see Dominic functionally playing, sharing his toys, following directions (eg, Rod said, “send through Francesco” and Dominic did) and then getting back into bed without arguing.

We are making such progress.

At the same time its so important to know where we came from. To know that we are not alone there are countless other children in the same boat. And that its just not right.

Watch this. Brace yourselves, it is hard to watch (because I saw so much of what we’ve lived through with Dominic). But it is important to understand what Autism really is and why its so tremendously important that we try to stop the brain injuries that lead to it…

All except for the seizure, we’ve seen at one point or another in Dominic. We’re past most of it – he still can’t really tell us where it hurts when he’s hurt himself, but we’re getting there. He eats just fine. The aggression has been gone really since we got to full dose MMS and out of Alpine. Some days are still emotional roller coasters. Last night we had tears and anxiety when we suggested he put his 12 above mentioned cars in a bag instead of trying to carry them all at once in his hands. He got through it pretty quick, but the flash of anxiety was there.

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