Tuesday, December 4, 2012


(for a review of previous parasite protocol inchstone improvements, go here)

We have just finished (literally today) the bulk portion of Parasite Protocol #4.  (of 12). 

This morning Rod noticed that Dominic was *almost* there zipping his jacket up 100% independently (specifically the slotting of it in the bottom).  In our communication binder, the teacher today sent a note home saying how thrilled she was to see him zipping it all by himself, and then this afternoon, he did it all by himself for me.

Also new this week, he's actually trying to tie his shoes. They'd worked really hard on it at Alpine, but on a model shoe, not his, so he was just not generalizing it home.  Until this week, when he started pulling, crossing, and pulling through.  Loops are next. Loops are hard.

Verbals have been all over the  place this week, but today was a high of 580 (spontaneous) in the 2 hours that they keep data on.  

And he's now administering enemas completely himself - all i do is fill and swap syringes.  He inserts and he pushes the syringe plunger.  Blows me away entirely.

PS. - After I wrote this post, I put Dominic to bed and he let me trim his fingernails and toenails without complaining or crying - for the FIRST TIME in his life.   WOW.

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