Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Dominic's last visit to the Dentist was horrible.  It was Meltdown sensory central, with a side of biting.  Mostly because it was only a few days after it took  4 adults to hold him still enough for stitches.   So, we were really hoping for a good visit today.

They were running behind... but... we chose not to go sit in the empty room and wait, because he was doing this

And this

And he didn't bite the dentist.  He cooperated.  Not super happily, but there were no tears or biting. 

Super Win. :)

We do have to get some work done (which we knew about 6 months ago, but because our insurance wouldn't pay for OR sedation, we didn't have $4K lying around for a  surgery center, and the dentist wouldn't do it without full sedation - we waited and watched - and now the dentist has an anesthesiology group come to his office for only $800.  Way better than $4K since our insurance STILL won't cover it) and Ill call them to start the scheduling process in a day or two.  He's got to get 2 fillings and have 3 extractions since his jaw is just too crowded.  Neither the dentist or I want to deal with orthodontia. 

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