Friday, February 22, 2013

Now that is some serious progress.

If ya'll recall, at the IEP meeting we had 20 school days ago, we made the decision for D11 to stop tracking single word utterances and only track 3 word and up sentences.  They use a 2.5 hour window each day for the data gathering.

While we were at Alpine, they were taking the same data over a 3 hour window.

I was looking around at the links bringing people to my blog today, and found this one from Jan 2012, so 13 months or so ago.  Dominic averaged 9 3+ word spontaneous/unprompted sentences per 3 hour window that month

In the last 20 school days, Dominic has averaged 195   3+ word spontaneous/unprompted sentences per 2.5 hour window.

That is definite forward progress.   I looked briefly, but didn't have handy the numbers from last June - and then I remembered that because of the major fire in Colorado Springs, we didn't have an Alpine parent meeting that month.

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