Tuesday, February 26, 2013


The cuteness is killing me.

this morning, I asked Dominic what he wanted for Breakfast.  he asked for Sausage and Mush.  (Mush is oatmeal, for the uninitiated out there).  Once i had the oatmeal in the microwave he started asking for cereal.  The conversation went sort of like this

D:  Ceral, Ceral
Mom:  No, you're getting Mush
D:  (goes to the cereal cabinet and opens it), "Ceral, Want Ceral"
Mom:  You can have some Mush
D:  (raps on the box he wants with his finger) "Puhleeeeaaaaazzzeeee"
Mom:  Okay then,  a side of dry cereal coming up.

And he ate a bowl of oatmeal, a large breakfast sausage patty and a handful of dry rice chex.

The Puhleeeeaaaaazzzeeee thing gets me every time.

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