Friday, March 22, 2013

I shouldnt' laugh...

But this is really funny - watching Dominic's personality emerge is so cool

Backstory bits -

Dominic always has a handful of small toys in his backpack that school can let him fidgit on / put in his pocket / etc.  No big deal.

Dominic has been obsession lately over this stupid rooster thing that when you slap against something hard, it crows.  Loudly.  Its much larger than the fidgets.


I got an email to call Dominic's teacher today, so I did.  At the end of our conversation about something else, she mentioned that we needed to talk about his toys.  Specifically the rooster.  I was thinking it was a little tiny handsized one.  And then she talked about the noise.  I'm mortified, but somehow he managed to put it in his pocket and take it to school.  Twice this week.

On Tuesday apparently he realized he could get it to crow just by pushing his pocket.  The entire classroom apparently was doing the whole swivel head thing trying to figure out what was randomly crowing.  Dominic was also looking for the source of the crowing with his class. Eventually someone saw him push on his pocket and asked him if he was making that noise.  And he said "yep".  I should not find this hysterical, but i do.

Anyway, the chicken has met an early demise. (and i'm not sad about it, its been driving me nuts for a week at home). And now we will be pocket checking for noisy toys before he gets on the bus.

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