Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I love our Doctor.

We made a "well child" appointment for Dominic today, mostly so that our fam prac could see Dominic in a healthy state and so we could have a conversation about whats going on nationally with Autistic kids when they get sick enough to need hospitals.

Dominic's growing like a weed. He's 51 inches tall and 61lbs.  She was thrilled as that means he's absorbing his nutrients again.  She commented on overall how healthy he looks (shiny hair, soft skin), how well he was behaving (and oh he did SOOO well. They were running behind and we waiting quite a while for this office. He sat in a chair and played with his ipad the ENTIRE time we were in the waiting room, and then again in the exam room with minimal messing around).

Then we had The Conversation.   The gist is this - she will back us on medical requirements if there is ever any need for Dominic to be hospitalized.  We will call her if there are ANY issues getting him any required treatments.  She has in her hands a copy of the National Autism Associations document on medical comorbidities with Autism.  She has committed to share it with her colleagues (she's part of a physicians group in town affiliated with one of the major hospitals).  She was very nearly in tears as I told her about Alex's treatment by Loyola.  And I told her about Elizabeth Wray in Boston Childrens as well - where the hospital succeeded in removing custody from the parents so they could treat her PANS with psych meds instead of antibiotics.  Last fall. And shes still there.  And there are others...

But the tide will turn, because of doc's like ours.

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