Saturday, March 30, 2013

April is coming...

Last year I set a goal to get to 5000 page views during April, because it was Autism Awareness month and managed to post almost every day.  I'm not sure that i'll have the time to post every single day this coming month, but i'm going to try.  And this year, its not about awareness, its about action.

In other news, we are going to do the Alpine walk again this year.  I am pleased to let all my other autism moms know that it is not on a high school track going round and round in circles.  It is actually outdoors, along a creek, up one side and then back down the other.  So there's not as much irony to this walk as there is to many others

You'll find a link to the walk fundraiser over in the sidebar.   They do good things.  If you can, we really appreciate you supporting Team Dominic.  Better yet, if you are local, come down and walk with us.   Its fun!

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