Monday, April 1, 2013

Autism Action Month

Last year, we talked alot about what IS autism?  What IS our life with Dominic like?

This year things are different.  This year, the numbers are now 1 in 50 children with Autism.  1 in 32 boys.
Its past time for awareness - if anyone in this country is not aware that there is an unparalled epidemic, they have blinders on. Its now time to take action.  We need answers and we need them now. What will the numbers be next year???  We have got to stop throwing the babies off the proverbial bus, and we have got to catch the ones that have been thrown. 

What are we doing with Dominic?  Well, he's still doing great on the Kerri Rivera MMS protocol in combination with the Andreas Kalker parasite protocol and we have just started GCMAF which we have high hopes will help repair his immune system.   I'll tell you more about these as the month progresses.

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