Saturday, April 6, 2013

focus shift

Dominic has been showing interesting shifts in his ability to focus this past week.


Friday night I grilled dinner while Rod bottled some wine in the kitchen. I kept Dominic outside with me so as to minimize the chance of a major mess in the kitchen.  He stayed outside for 2 solid hours.  He really really wants to play with fire, so I have to keep an eye on the grill at all times.  When we came inside to eat, he finished his first plate (1 chicken leg, 2 hotdogs (GFCF, kosher) a serving of rice and a serving of grilled veggies) and asked for more Chicken.  I told him to help himself.  He came back with 1 chicken leg, 2 hotdogs, and another serving of rice.  We just looked at each other and laughed.

- he used words and asked for what he wanted
- he took his plate and served himself appropriately, without spilling food everywhere.

Then after that plate, he had another matching one.  We don't have any idea where he puts it.


His habit has been to play with toys in parallel with watching his favorite movies on TV, while moving between the floor, the couch, basically in constant movement.  He sat still in the chair, properly for 20 minutes on Thursday afternoon.  I was floored.


He independently played on the Starfall webpage Friday afternoon after a week of schooling.  For a good 15min.  He has never done that


And.. the biggie... he had 5 full days of "Awesome Day" reports from school.  In a Row.  I don't think thats happened since we started this new notebook with the school.

GCMAF shot #2 Saturday morning...  Sure will be interesting to see what next week brings.


Susan Allen said...

Awesome changes.

Jenna said...

That sounds great! (And yay Starfall!)