Friday, April 5, 2013

Viva La Revolucion!!

Its no secret that over the last couple of years, my blog roll has changed, and tone of the blogs that I read has changed.  I used to be All About sites like Hopeful Parents. Yeah. Not so much anymore, thats way too... passive... for me. Since its inaugural post over a year ago,  one of my daily must read sites has been The Thinking Mom's revolution and I was SO excited when their book came in the mail earlier this week.  I've been itching to read it since I first heard that they had written it.  

We are now 5 years post regression and it is still really hard for me to read about other children’s regressions.  They take me right back to the place of hopelessness.  But the TMR Book has the flip side that is missing in so many other books like it – the TMR book has the hope.  It has the stories of improvements and recovery and – most importantly to me as an autism parent on this journey myself - community.

I’ve often times heard people in the South talk about “their people”.  When they talk about it, they are talking about the deep roots from which a person comes, particularly during  formative times.  Well, these Thinking Moms are my people.  My experiences have echoed theirs.  The most formative times in my life have been in working to heal Dominic.  We are more alike in our journey than different and we have figuratively walked side by side up the mountain range that is Autism (Autism is not a mountain its a range of mountains - sometimes when you think you're to the top, you realize there's a taller peak behind this one.  But thats another story).  Some are closer to the top than others - some actually blazed the trail I'm following, but when I realized that I was walking with my people climbing the same mountain range, the walk wasn’t so lonely.
With will and determination forged in the fire of unconditional love for their children and the refusal to accept mainstream medical’s non answers about treatment,  the Thinking Mom Revolution is blazing trails up the Autism Mountain Range.  They’ve done the hard research and they have never stopped trying to recover their children.  They've pounded the Media, They've called doctors and CEO's and (recently) rallied Autism parents all over the globe to help get Alex out of Loyola.

When the TMR book talks about the internet communities of Autism Moms keeping each other going, they’re not kidding. I’ve been part of several that have hands down saved my sanity.  I am in facebook groups with a number of The Thinking Moms who wrote this book and interact with them daily.

These are the people that form the spine of the BioMed Community.   These are the people on the bleeding edge of treatments, refusing to give up, and recovering their children.   

This book should be required reading when you get an Autism Diagnosis or you know someone who has a child with an Autism Diagnosis.  The stories will help you know you’re not alone.  The humor will make you laugh, and the raw emotion will make you cry.  But most of all, the grit and tenacity will be like steel in your backbone, because if they can do it – you can too.    You are obviously impacted by Autism if you're reading my blog.  Go Buy the book. Or ask your library to carry it.  It will change you.

I don't know how long it will take to reform the Medical community, to make it so everyone knows that Autism Is Medical - and treatable - but these are the ladies who are on the front lines of the revolution.  And, though every day I wish Dominic didn't have a viral brain injury from his vaccines that looks like Autism, I'm proud to be standing side by side with the Thinking Moms in this battle. 

Viva La Revolucion!!


Poppy TMR said...

Your review has me crying in my morning cup. Thank you for the kind words and fab review of the book. I hope that it kickstarts the change we need to see. Thank you for being a Thinker and working tirelessly to heal your sweet boy xo :)

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B.K. said...

Thank you so much for this beautiful review! So glad you like the book. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Great review. I would add that this book should be given to every pregnant mom. It would do so much for prevention! Viva la Revolution!