Friday, April 26, 2013

Funny story

With my food posts going out in the mornings for the next week or so, I wanted to be able to still tell you about the other stuff going on, so some days this next week, you may see 2 posts. (Shocking, I know).

This morning, Dominic was sitting at the table slowly eating his oatmeal and the bus arrived for school before he was done.  The exchange went something like this. 

Me:  Its time to go, lets get your jacket on

Him:  No, Hungwy, EATING

Me:  But the bus is here, its time for school

Him:  No, No No. HUNGWY (crocodile tears starting)

Me:  how about I bring the oatmeal along (picks up bowl and starts walking)

Him:  (puts on jacket and comes along)

So we walk out to the bus, and he shoves 2 giant spoonfuls of oatmeal into his mouth while standing on the steps to get on the bus, gives me a gooey kiss and goes to sit down. Perfectly happily.

The bus driver and aide were highly amused, and actually asked him if he’d like another bite for the road.

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