Saturday, April 27, 2013

GFCF Kitchen / On being in charge

Rereading old posts is always good for perspective.  Especially while I'm working on this what exactly can we feed our kids on a GFCFSF diet  series of posts.

This morning, I want to rewind  back to July of 2011 - so we had JUST started the Unique healing protocol and CD (aka MMS) was not even a blip on my horizon.  This is one of the top 5 ever blog posts I've put out there and I remember the night vividly.   Go read it. Its about my picky eater and getting him to eat.

I don't have to make points like this anymore at all - we do not have food battles anymore.  Dominic, for the most part, eats what he's told to and I don't have to emphasize reinforcers anymore to get non choice foods down.  We tell him to eat and he does.  And Dominic loves zucchini now.

I  say to parents of picky eaters getting ready to start GFCFSF (not parents of children with feeding disorders, big difference here)  and parents of kids who are older and have been used to eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) - you absolutely have to win the first big battle about food if you want to succeed long term with The Diet. The world is not going to end if they go to bed not completely full one night, or if they have their leftovers from dinner that they didn't eat for breakfast the next morning. They have to learn they aren't in charge.  You will not be able to succeed with the GFCFSF diet if you are not the one in charge.

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