Monday, April 29, 2013

GFCF Kitchen Weekday (work day) Dinners

People have a really REALLY hard time when they hear that the first step to recovering their child is the diet. They get completely turned around themselves when they hear No Gluten, no Dairy and No Soy is the starting point. And so one of the wonderful ladies on a facebook group i spend a LOT of time with suggested that it might help if we could all write out what they CAN feed their children. This week I’m running a series of posts as is my contribution to that effort. It is an example week in my kitchen. Now, keep in mind I work all week and so much of my prep work happens on the weekends.


Here are a couple of my go to recipes for weeknights.  They’re fast, they use some of the heavier proteins that I cooked the weekend before, and they’re healthy.   At least 3 nights  a week, tho, are straight leftovers from the weekend or from the stuff we make extra of and keep in the freezer. 

Taco night:
Use the leftover shredded beef or leftover grilled chicken from the weekend,  chop some veggies, and put them in taco shells. Dominic loves fresh avocado on his.

Pasta night
Dominic likes Ancient Harvests Quinoa pasta and I buy it in bulk at Amazon.  I cook regular gluten filled pasta for Rod and I. I made my own pasta sauce this summer from tomatoes in my garden and froze it, but if you don't have time then get an organic GFCF sauce from the store and add italian sausage and mushrooms and green veggie (i've added asparagus and zucchini both) to it.

See my post from a few days ago for a pasta sauce recipe that I stash in the freezer.
I’ll make a salad to go with the pasta and we’re good.

Crockpot night:
BBQ pork - cover a pork butt with homemade GFCF BBQ sauce or 1 jar of GFCF BBQ sauce and 1 jar water before leaving for work. Shred when you get home. Serve with rice and a green veggie

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