Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This week....

So how is Dominic doing this week?


Pretty good.  We are seeing some more signs of brain connections refiring this week.  More sensory seeking behaviors to cope with those neurological changes.    Definitely more SIB’s in the form of hitting his own hands / biting his forearms.  Our chiro likened what she felt doing on energetically in his brain yesterday to “sparking”, which matches my gut instinct for whats happening.


So we – hopefully -  in the worse before it gets better time as far as stimming,  it feels like, BUT we are also seeing better focus (during homework time, for example – he sat and did homework with Rod yesterday for probably 30minutes). Seeing some better verbals, tho he’s gotten so used to us knowing what he wants with 1 word requests that we’re going to just have to force him to use longer requests. We know he can do it.


We’re seeing happy laughter at appropriate funny things – distinctly different than his out of control yeastie laughter that he had for so long.



Whats coming up?


Presuming that the weather cooperates (we’re having a winter snowstorm today), we are planning on the whole family (down to the dog) going to walk the Alpine Autism Center’s annual 5K on Saturday morning. It will be our 4th year to walk.


If you have not sponsored me, but would like to… please do. It’s a good cause, Alpine does good stuff.

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