Saturday, April 20, 2013

Alpine Walk!

We took Dominic and Shanti downtown this morning for our 4th annual Alpine Autism Center 5k walk.  Beautiful weather for it this year, and Dominic did SO well.

For the first time, he did the kids fun run  with no adult supervision/assistance - he stayed on course and finished mid pack.  He had to keep pulling up his pants tho, apparently he got taller/skinnier overnight.

Multiple people commented "Oh, he looked at me" and "He's so calm".  He followed direction really well.  And no meltdowns. it was SO nice.

The dog did great too.  Dominic had a ball keeping charge of the leash.   At one point he and the dog were running ahead of us, up and down the rocked wall to the side of the trail.  The dog wasn't THAT amused about it.  But Dominic was!

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