Sunday, April 21, 2013

What I forgot to tell you about yesterday...

I was rushed writing the blog post yesterday and forgot to tell you a couple of  the moments of the day

The walk is along a creek in Colorado Springs.  Very well established, clean, nice trail through downtown.  The entire way, Dominic kept asking us where the whale was.   Because, there was water, so therefore there HAD to be a whale.


I wore my Thinking Moms Revolution shirt and managed this self portrait at the halfway point of the walk.  I'm all red from the sun/exertion, my eyes are puffy from allergies (and fortunately the cottonwoods weren't blooming yet or those would've been MUCH worse)  and have no idea why i wasn't smiling.   But I was the only one w/a TMR shirt. I got lots of compliments on it being the coolest shirt there.  It was!

Here're Rod, Dominic, and Shanti at that same turn around point.


Dominic spent the remainder of the day so calm that in passing I suggested to Rod we take him on a 5K walk every morning.   Thats not going to happen because there just aren't enough hours before work/school, but it does really make me look forward to all the physical activity he will get this summer at the Y camp.

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