Thursday, May 23, 2013

A1, Day 1

I think the majority of you know I moderate a couple of facebook groups for moms doing similar protocols to Dominic, and I had no idea how many people that meant I actually know.  The number of times i've heard *squeal* JOY!  is astonishing. 

Rod and Dominic dropped me at the airport this morning around 9.  Dominic did good saying goodbye to me, but got really sad after he actually realized they left me at the airport.  Rod sent me a picture of a crying boy.  But - he has perked up and had a better afternoon.  Other than my hospital stay in 2011, which doesnt' count cuz he visited a lot, this is the longest i've been away from him in 5 years.

My flight was delayed an hour, so I didn't get to Chicago and the hotel until a little after 4pm Chicago time.   There is SO much  to see at this conference and its crazy overwhelming.    I wandered through the various vendor booths, Hugged the Thinking Moms, laid down on energy mats at the relaxation station.  I met up with Andreas Kalker, the man behind the parasite protocol we're doing and visited for a bit, went to the parent mixer and mixed, and then got my Thinking Moms Revolution book signed and came back to the room to collapse into a small heap.

Tomorrow I'll hit some of the presentations - including the congressional panel - hopefully my question gets asked (its a moderated panel, and of course i submitted the question about when will there be a federal autism insurance discrimination law), spend some time with Kerri, hear RFK speak, get a hair do and massage at salon night, and go to the karaoke party.

The hotel is gorgeous. :)

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