Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Catching up!

And... its been a week since I posted.  Sorry about the lack of posts, guys, but not only did I catch a spring cold and spend the weekend trying to get well fast, but there's been a lot going on.  So I figured I'd do a quick bullet point update blog post, because  tomorrow I'm getting on a plane and going to Chicago for AutismOne, so  if I don't get you updated now, I probably won't for another week.

- School is out!  Dominic had a good last week of school, and we got a really nice note from the outgoing SPED teacher about how she'll miss him next year.  I rather expect we'll be keeping in touch with her.   Dominic's all sorted out for the YMCA day camp, which starts Tuesday morning.

-  Remember years ago, I told you about being on a waitlist for the CES medicaid waiver, which would pay for therapy for Dominic (the ABA that we cannot afford anymore, plus speech, OT, PT as needed, plus the stuff health insurance doesn't cover like the sedation for dental work)?  Remember the wild goosechase trying to find a psychologist willing to do an IQ test on him when he turned 5 to keep him on the list?   I got a call last week that its his turn to come off the waitlist.  Its been at least 4 years since he went on, and i'd honestly basically given up.   At any rate, I've had to hustle to get all the paperwork in order, get a medical form signed by a doctor, get progress reports on his IEP, etc.   Coming off the waitlist only means that they will evaluate his eligibility again.  It doesn't mean he's guaranteed of anything;.   So I've sent all the pertinent paperwork in, gotten him denied for social security (a required step), and will be setting up the evaluation appointment after Memorial Day weekend.    Not getting to excited, but this could be a Very Interesting Twist for us.

- While we were at the Doctor getting the CES paperwork signed, we went ahead and had her do the physical for Dominic to participate in team sports with the special olympics.  We've talked about it off and on for ages just never managed to get ourselves together enough to get the forms in.  Being able to do team sports would be really good for him, I think.  Plus, the activity is a good thing.  So hopefully next week we'll see what summer stuff is going on that would be appropriate (and fit our schedule).  His favorite, tho, will probably end up being the spring track and field and aquatics. 

I'm taking a laptop to A1, and hoping to spend a few minutes at the end of each evening blogging about what I did that day.  It may or may not actually happen that way, but hopefully so!!

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Good things are coming! Yay