Sunday, May 12, 2013


And now for a brief change in subject..

 Years ago when I went to the T-Tapp retreat in Florida, I came home with a sample of Muscle Mist, by

I was shocked that not only did it loosen up my back enough for me to put it back into alignment myself, it also got rid of my tension headaches when I sprayed it on my neck.   It got rid of my pain enough for me to get to sleep.

They have a bunch of other cool stuff too, most of which I have not tried.  But if its anything like the muscle mist, it would be very effective.   They do offer guarantees on their aromatherapy oils for snoring & migraines.

I have been a faithful customer of theirs for years, so I was excited when I went to order recently and discovered I could host an eparty and get my friends free muscle mist.

So, here’s now it works.

My eparty is for Monday and Tuesday, May 13th and 14th.

On those two days only, if you put an order in and put my name in remarks and eparty code in the comments you get a free Muscle mist (2oz) if you spend $29.  You get free shipping as well if you spend $50.
If you call in and leave a message on those days, give them the same informaiton and you'll get the same goodies.
Name: Joy Whitcomb
eParty Code:



Susan Allen said...

That product is amazing!

Kim McDaniel said...

I just had a blast at your eparty! A muscle mist is comin" my way! Thank you Joy! xoxo

Kim McDaniel said...

Just had a blast at your eparty! A muscle mist is on it's way! Thank you, Joy! xoxo