Friday, May 10, 2013


Probably not very many of you know that I like history and was actually in fact a history major in college.  So I was completely over the moon to read these two articles about finding one of the original “first” children ever to have autism.




Kanner had originally theorized that it was refrigerator parents who caused Autism but this research shows that (at least this original first child with autism) had 3 possible exposures to mercury:  “the first use of mercury-preserved vaccines in Baltimore -- a drive to vaccinate every infant with those shots began the month she was born;  her parents' avocation of orchid growing and breeding, which required intensive application of chemicals including mercury;  and her father’s psychiatric career, which brought him – and probably his family through second-hand exposure – in contact with mercury treatments for a common form of insanity.”

Read the whole articles. Its both very cool to see the history, and very horrifying to get this additional validation that  Autism is a man made epidemic.    We have done it to ourselves as a society and as a society it is our job to stop doing it.

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Susan Allen said...

Thanks for the history.