Wednesday, May 1, 2013

GFCF Kitchen / They drink what?

So you ask... Enough about food, what does your kid drink??


Seriously.  That is ALL Dominic drinks, ever.

Okay, you need more info?  Lets review –

No casein - which rules out animal milks of all sorts, except Camel and lets face it, camel milk is hard to get your hands on.

No Soy – no soy milk or anything that has the additive Soy Lecithin in it

No Carrageenan – its a neurotoxic chemical, and is added to most if not all commercial seed and nut milks (and yogurts for that matter)

No Soda of any variety  – do  you really need a why here?

No juice – Juice is basically sugar.

No Koolaid or other powdered drink – I hyperventilate thinking about the artificial colors, flavors, and SUGAR in them

Dominic COULD, if he really wanted to, drink herbal tea sweetened with Stevia as long as it didn’t involve green or black tea leaves (both are too high in antioxidents to use with CD).  But he doesn’t tend to want to.

So what do you pour on Cereal.

Nothing.  On the rare occasion that we give Dominic boxed cereal (he does like rice chex, but hello GMO and Sugar), he eats it dry.

 All of that said, if you wanted to go to the effort of making your own Nut or Seed milks, by all means go for it.  

If your child won't drink water straight as is, you'll have to start them with watered down juice (apple or pear) and fade the juice out as rapidly as possible


Our Little Rock Stars said...

I make green smoothies for the kids, which have some juice and frozen fruit to blend up. What are you thoughts on that?

Maybe moving more toward juicing would be better...getting the same good stuff from the greens, but less bulk and able to use less fruit to sweeten.

Joy Whitcomb said...

depends on if you are doing chlorine dioxide w/your kiddos. Fruit juice (including in a juice mix) is an absolute no because the antioxidents are so concentrated they cancel it. Veg. juice is okay if you ccan get them to eat without fruit...