Thursday, May 2, 2013

GFCF Kitchen / Potlucks and dinner parties

You've been invited to someone's home for a potluck or dinner party and encouraged to bring along your dietarily restricted kiddo.  What do you take along that will be enjoyed both by your child and the other gathering attendees.

Even bigger - you host a potluck dinner party and provide the majority of the food items.  What do you make that will feed everyone including your kid??

Here're some of my go to's that Dominic loves

Finger Food:
Raw veggie tray with homemade hummus
Raw fruit tray with cinnamon/honey dip
Seed crackers (from Costco) with smoked salmon, onion and caper on top

Rolled up nitrate free Deli meat
Cocktail meatballs - make small versions of the meatballs i posted here and stick pretty toothpicks in them

BBQ Pork in the crockpot with GF bread (and regular for other people)

Pasta Salad with GF pasta (this is best fresh, it doesn't hold well in the fridge)
Potato Salad - any german potato salad with mustard/mayo/relish dressing is fine.  don't thin w/milk, thin with water if needed.

I love this cookbook and have baked most of the recipes that have dairy free options.

Hummus:  Put in the running food processor in this order:
4 cloves garlic
2 cans of Chickpeas + 1 can of liquid / or 4C of cooked rehydrated chickpease plus 1c liquid you boiled them in
1 TB tahini
1 squeeze lemon
To taste: Salt, cumin, cayenne
Olive oil to  desired texture
You can get fancy and throw in avocado or roasted red bel pepper or basil leaves. Sky is the limit.

Cinnamon Honey Dip - Add 1Tsp cinnamon to 1C honey. Taste and adjust to taste.

Pasta salad - 1 box GF pasta, we like Ancient harvests.  Italian dressing, finely diced red bell pepper, capers, fine diced red onions, chopped canned artichoke hearts and minced black olives.  mix to your preferred amounts.

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