Friday, May 3, 2013

The GFCF Kitchen, Cleaning up

I am going to admit that we don’t do the best job of being completely non toxic when it comes to household cleaners, but we do try.

Here are my favorites:
1.My Steam mop.  No chemicals AT ALL.  Its brilliant. And I mop way more often with it than I did without it. Bonus, the pads are washable not throwaway.  Its holding up really well, too. I’ve had it since November with no issue.

2. Boiling water.  Seriously. On my oventop, I will pour boiling water and let it sit to loosen crusties, and then I’ll use a lot of elbow grease and a little dishwashing detergent.   Also works on countertops, but its best if you have a lip on the edge or you’ll make a horrible mess.

3. Dr Bronners Castile Soap.   I make a spray with 2TB of it and a bottle of water and use for quick clean ups.  Unless its horribly soiled in which I have to use 409.

4. Foaming handsoap from my friend Nicole’s shop.  She’s a fellow autism mom, and somehow managed to make completely nontoxic, yummy feeling foaming handsoap.  Love the stuff.  I also use her GFCF bar for Dominic to bathe with.

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