Tuesday, May 7, 2013

There's a horse in his bed

We had our semi-annual pipes back up and flood the basement drama yesterday - worse than usual because neither of us was around to hear the flooding, so it was a pretty bad flood.  Fortunately we now have friends with a drain snake who will come over and snake our drains for us without us needing to call a plumber - we are very blessed.

Anyway, as result, Dominic's closet floor needs to dry out so everything that was stored in there is now out in his room. One of those things is the YEARS old rocking horse that he has loved and loved and loved and outgrown.  When he saw it out in his room, he got on had rode it for a while.  And I couldn't get him to get off it and get into bed without it being tucked in too.

This meant that Mr Bear had to sleep on the bookshelf last night.  Dominic gave Mr Bear a hug and kiss and then snuggled in with his horse.

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