Monday, May 6, 2013

Trip to the Zoo May 2013

On Saturday morning, Dominic woke up and said "Zoo???".  I told him we could go to the zoo on Sunday if we got all the housework done on Saturday and the proceeded to hustle through the housework.   So he and i went to the zoo this morning.  :)

He actually did the best at the zoo I've ever seen. he told ME what animals he wanted to see and in what order.  And he took me by the hand and led me thru.  Very cool.  Chatty throughout, but mostly single words.   We got to go in the new elephant/rhino barn and he was very excited about the rhino.

Here're some pictures

First up, the traditional feed the giraffes experience. I have learned tho, that its dumb to spend $2 on 5 pieces of lettcue when you can bring a WHOLE bag of lettuce from home for almost nothing.

Then we moved on to his new favorite area, the redone Elephant pavilion.  Where he totally hammed it up sitting on the elephants trunk:

The peacocks at the zoo wander around free... and have NEVER let Dominic get close enough to touch.  He managed today (and... left all the peacocks feathers intact)

This floored me. The shuttle driver waved at Dominic and he independently waved back, while sitting on a mountain goat sculpture.

Waving was a common theme.  Unfortunately the gorilla couldn't have cared less about being waved at or reciprocating.

Blurry picture, but... his tongue is in his mouth  AND he's grinning.

Failed to get my face in this one, but here is a hippo imitation.  Actually, a Hippo-Pie imitation. (i say hippopatamus, he says hippo pie.  go figure)

He really needs a pony.

And he managed to get off of this one all by himself.  Helpful antlers.

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