Thursday, June 13, 2013

Catch Up Post #1... The dog

Its been a ridiculous rollercoaster week, and i'm behind on blogging some of the things that I really wanted to write down... so I'm going to be putting a bunch of posts out (i hope!) over the next couple of days to catch up.

Saturday, when we returned from the circus, we realized that the dog wasn't feeling well.  He'd thrown up and was mopey.  We figured he would be fine the next morning.  He wasn't.  Dominic and I ended up taking him to the emergency vet on Sunday morning while Daddy went to work. He had pancreatitis.  Poor thing.

Anyway... Dominic and I were in a tiny little vet. cubicle for almost 3 hours with no ipad (it needed charging)... and just a handful of toys.  And it was uncomfortable. He had multiple xrays and tests (they wanted to make sure that the bone he had as a treat on Saturday didn't get ingested.  It didn't) and ended up with us leaving him there overnight.

Dominic did so well. I did download a game to my iphone while we were there and he played with my phone for a good portion of the time we were there.  Shanti sat between us while we waiting for test results and such. When we had to say goodbye to the dog, Dominic give him a ton of hugs and kisses.

At home, he asked for Shanti constantly the remainder of Sunday, and Monday until we picked him up.

(Shanti is fine now)

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