Sunday, June 9, 2013


Those of you who follow me on facebook already know that it was a tremendous success, but I wanted to post some of the pictures and tell everyone how the day went in more than just quick little updates.  The Circus was scheduled to start at 3, with the preshow starting at 2 and the animal barn area opened for viewing at 1:30.  We got there around 1:20, got in line and went to the animal barn where we saw elephants, horses, miniature horses, and tigers. (The tigers were taking a bath of all things.  it was really funny)

Then we stood in line at the doors for a good 20 minutes waiting for them to open.  Dominic amused himself by making faces at my phone and taking pictures of his tongue stuck out.  He thought it was great fun:

When we went in, we found our seats, marvelled at the price of the junky memorabilia (no, we didn't buy anything) and then I took Dominic down to the floor of the arena for the preshow.  We watched a clown act, and some horses and then went back and sat down to wait for it to start.  

The show was awesome... tigers, elephants that danced, horses, acrobats, high wire act, a magician that pulled bunnies out of a box (Dominic LOVED that part) lots of clowns... really good time.  However, his favorite act of all... was the girl getting shot out of a cannon. 

He sat between usand watched the whole thing, minus a bathroom break about an hour in.  Overall, he did RIDICULOUSLY well.  no fidgeting (except when he needed the bathroom), and minimal stimming.  I was personally overstimulated, so i'm sure he was too.



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