Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Camp, Week 2 updates

Dominic has had a really good week at camp this week.  I know I haven’t been blogging as much, but wanted to throw a quick one out to keep track of this.

-  Wednesday they had a “field trip” to another YMCA in town for “Science Day”.  Apparently one of the 4 stations they had down there was bubbles with dry ice in them, so they were all cloudy when they popped.  He LOVED it and spent the whole time at that station.  The counselor told me when I picked him up that they got a TON of talking out of him about the bubbles… which they had not up to that point. 

-  Yesterday, when I picked him up, he was showing another little boy his fidget toys (currently these weird plastic bug things that stretch).  That little boy looked at me and said “Dominic is nice” which totally made my day.   The counselor told me that the little boy had asked to see his bugs and Dominic was sharing.

-  He has not complained once this week that we’re not turning on a movie in the evening.  Instead, he’s actually getting out his toys and playing quietly with them. Yesterday he broke out his slinky dog.   Oh, and he’s been catching bugs again.  I do believe we’ve broken the movie after camp/school habit.  We’re going to let this gel for another week or two, and then work on reducing the movie time on non-school/camp days.

He’s ridiculously excited for the circus tomorrow, so we’re hoping it will not be sensory overload.  We’re taking the camera and I’m sure there’ll be a picture post up at some point this weekend.

Edited To Add
Last summer some of Dominic's worst meltdowns occurred because he wanted to bring home from Alpine the little animal toys that they reinforced him with and I (or they) made him leave them there.  We're talking screaming, crying, flailing, biting, hitting... and continuing for well over half an hour at a time.  Tonight when I picked Dominic up at the YMCA camp, he was holding 2 small toys, a Woody and Dinosaur from Toy Story.  I knew right off that they weren't his and took a deep breath.   I asked him to give them to me and he ran to put them in his backback.  I asked again, and he brought them to me.  I gave them to the counselor who told me that a little girl had brought them in for Dominic to play with.  The little girl had left and the counselor didn't know if she was signed up for next week, or meant them to be a forever present.  While we were chatting, Dominic hugged and kissed each tiny toy about a dozen times.  The counselor and I decided to leave them there in case the little girl was back next week.   And Dominic and I left.  No meltdown. No tears...  and we came home, and he promptly got out HIS toy story toys and is playing nice with them.   I would call that a HUGE gain.

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