Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Out of Routine

I think most of you know that in general we strive to stay INSIDE routine with Dominic.  Historically, he hasn't handled changes to his routine very well, so we shoot for steady.

Yesterday that didn't work so well.

On my way to pick him up from the YMCA Day camp, the clutch in my car went out.  (Impressively at an intersection only a block or so away from the Y, and the girl behind me helped me push it out of traffic).  I had a little leeway since the Y allows pickup as late as 6pm and it was only 4:45, but I knew that I didn't want to be too late because he wasn't used to being the last kiddo there.  I called a friend to come help out, a tow truck, and my husband (who was on his way into work).  Then I walked to the Y, retrieved Dominic, called a mechanic, and went back to the Car with Dominic to wait for the tow.  My friend arrived right about then and we sat in her lovely air conditioned van and chitchatted.  45 minutes or so later, Rod got there to take Dominic home while I continued waiting for the tow truck.

For 45 minutes, he sat still in a strange vehicle and played with his fidget toys.  No stimming, no freaking out, just sat nicely.

He was sad to leave me there waiting, but overall he did ridiculously well with the break in his regular after camp routine.  such progress.

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