Sunday, June 2, 2013

Week in bullet points...

.... and just like that almost a whole week has passed with no blog updates.  Sorry about that guys, but it was a busy week catching back up at work.

*  Dominic's first week at the Y daycamp went really well.  Every afternoon, when i asked if he had fun he said "yes".  And every day the counselors told me he had a really good day.  Not surprisingly,  he swam and played in the pool a ton. 

*  We had a little gathering last night and there were other kiddo's Dominics age.  not only did he play with them, by the time the evening was over, the kids were taking turns spinning each other on our new chair that spins around and giggling maniacally.

*  While its been a rough parasite protocol week with lots of gunk coming out of him (and corresponding behaviors), in general i'm seeing more spontaneous 4 word sentences now where just a few weeks ago, they were three word -  For example, in the morning, he always brings us the dogs collar and asks us to put it on.  until this week, he was doing that by saying "put it on" or "put on collar".  This week, he has spontaneously - no prompting - been saying "put on collar please".  So thats a nice shift.

* We have, rather optimistically, purchased circus tickets for next Saturday.  Dominic knows we're gonig to the circus and is tremendously excited about it.  We are really hoping it goes well, and think he will love it.

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